1Yr. Foundation Course



Our foundation course for 1 year offers a complete solution for all the three stages of Civil Services Examination viz. Prelims, Mains and Interview

The one year foundation program is for graduates or final year graduation students. The Academy also offers special weekend batches for working professionals or the students who are pursuing their graduation on regular basis.

The Foundation Course prepares the candidates one year in advance. The scientifically designed programme aims to stamp out all mental blockades and psychological barriers that lead to dismal performance. The course endues students not only with the relevant knowledge but will also provide right kind of orientation and skills for developing administrative traits. After finishing the course students will get a good fix on the ways to reveal the acquired skills and traits in all the three stages of the examination.

At the end of the course the students not only get hold on the prescribed syllabus by the UPSC but also learn the art of success and internalize the golden principles of success so as to make it an inseparable part of their personalities.

Step forward towards your excellent career in civil services